TUNCOM Student Government Association


What is AIG?
AIG is a student group vested in empowering students with an increased knowledge base about the field of Anesthesiology.

The purpose of AIG is to promote education, communication, advocacy, research, and networking
among students and physicians. AIG provides students with the opportunity to increase their overall familiarity with the ever-expanding field of Anesthesiology. AIG helps elucidate the various roles Anesthesiologists fulfill by giving opportunities to students to engage within the field. With guest lecturers, student panels, and club meetings, AIG will be able to provide students with the most up-to-date information relating to Anesthesiology. With a more transparent understanding of the field, AIG can help further inform students to make the best decisions concerning anything anesthesiology. We look forward to working with you in AIG!

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Yehia Marreez

AIG Executive Officers

President: Nicole Hanson


Treasurer: Anastasia Belilovets

Secretary: Tyler Owens