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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Interest Group

What's a PMR doctor

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R), also known as physiatry, is a specialized branch of medicine that emphasizes the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of individuals with physical disabilities. These disabilities may arise from conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system, often neck, back and/or limb pain stemming from motor vehicle accidents, occupational and sports injuries. Impairments may also stem from neurological trauma such as traumatic spinal cord injury and head injury, strokes and amputations.  Painful conditions secondary to various hereditary and acquired diseases may also prompt individuals to seek a physiatric consultation. (From AOCPMR website) For more information on the PM&R specialty, click here!

Why choose PM&R?

  • PM&R was recently ranked #1 by current residents as having the BEST work- life balance! Click here for proof!
  • The specialized training you learn in Osteopathic medical school will be directly applicable to a PM&R clinical setting. AOA provided this article on how DO’s are a perfect fit for PM&R.

Board Members:

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President: Sarah Macabales

Vice President: Justin Edwards

Treasurer: Aliraza Jafri

Membership Coordinator: Meggan Murphy

Secretary: Loc Nguyen

Community Service Coordinators: Jerry Wang

Contact Info: do20.sarah.macabales@nv.touro.edu