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Welcome to the Association of Military Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons at Touro University Nevada! What is AMOPS? If you are interested in practicing medicine in the military, whether it be Army, Air Force, or Navy, then look no further! Poster pic - Navy 3We have what you’re looking for.The Association of Military Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons is dedicated to representing DOs in the Uniformed Services.We care about your future in the military and would love to hear any specific concerns about your service time, whether it be about bonuses, clerkship opportunities, certification, or AOA approved internships. So if you have any questions, feel free to ask us!


HPSP Scholarships

Want medical school completely paid for and the opportunity to do something extraordinary? Then the Health Professions Scholarship Program is a great fit for you.  If you are already an HPSP Scholar,  thank you for making the decision to serve your country!

ADF009DE7-F0DE-4F13-946B-97171520F452s you start your journey as an officer and physician, there will be many opportunities to explore medicine in both civilian and military settings.  After being commissioned, you will be required to complete Officer Training at your respective branch of the military. There, you will learn about the customs and traditions of the military, and what will be expected of you as an officer and leader in the Uniformed Services.  Officer Training is a great experience and does well to prepare you for the start of your active duty service after residency. As always, please contact us for any questions you may have about military medicine!

An introductory Powerpoint about residency in the military can be found here, inside there are links to each branch’s respective medical service websites:

Health Professions Scholarship Program 2015 Graduate Medical Education Overview


Contact Us

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We are the officers of AMOPS here at Touro University Nevada, contact any one of us with any questions you may have:

President – 2d Lt Charles Cullison, US Air Force [do19.charles.cullison@nv.touro.edu]
Vice President – ENS Ryan Johnson, US Navy [do19.ryan.johnson@nv.touro.edu]
Treasurer – 2d Lt Aaron Adams, US Air Force [do19.aaron.adams@nv.touro.edu]
Secretary – 2LT Ryan Zimmerman, US Army [do19.ryan.zimmerman@nv.touro.edu]