TUNCOM Student Government Association



Welcome to the Student Osteopathic Surgical Association page!


Mission Statement: SOSA aims to establish a strong foundation for its members at Touro University Nevada, provide community outreach opportunities, and educate students about the surgical profession.


Login for National Page:

 • Login ID: acosstudent
• Password: temp4u

Upcoming Events and Volunteer Opportunities:

  • 1st General Meeting- August 24 (with pizza)
  • Suture Clinic- October 2 (5pm-7pm)
  • Scrub In/Sterile Field Clinic- November 1 (5pm-7pm)
  • Volunteer Opportunities TBA


  • Dr. Resto “Plastic Surgeon”- September 12, 2017



More to come!



Officers 2017-2018


President: Chase Beal
– DO20.Chase.Beal@nv.touro.edu

Vice President: Jordan Downey
– DO20.Jordan.Downey@nv.touro.edu

National Liaison: Justin Edwards
– DO20.Justin.Edwards@nv.touro.edu

Secretary: Beau Hicken
– DO20.Christian.Hicken@nv.touro.edu

Treasurer: Tanner Jeppesen
– DO20.Tanner.Jeppesen@nv.touro.edu

Public Relations: Mark Chen
– DO20.Mark.Chen@nv.touro.edu

Technology Coordinator: Travis Berry
– DO20.Travis.Berry@nv.touro.edu



Faculty Advisor: Dr. Emmett Findlay, DC; Professor of Basic Sciences