TUNCOM Student Government Association


Mission Statement:

TUGLMAA’s (Touro University Nevada’s LGBTQIA+ club for medical & allied health students) mission is to ensure equality in health care for LGBTQIA+ individuals and health care providers.

Executive Officers:

-President: Andrew Gerenraich do21.andrew.gerenraich@nv.touro.edu

-Vice President of Finance: Devon Kent do22.devon.kent@nv.touro.edu 

-Representative – Physical Therapy: Cherie Pantaleon dpt20.ocherie.pantaleon@nv.touro.edu

-Vice President of Administration: Shadi Arjmand do22.shadi.arjmand@nv.touro.edu 

-Vice President of Philanthropy: Moriah Murray do22.moriah.murray@nv.touro.edu

-Vice President of Communication: Kyler Perry do22.kyler.perry@nv.touro.edu

-Vice President of Intracollegiate Communication: Jake Davidow do22.yaacov.davidow@nv.touro.edu

-Vice President of Social Events: Iris Kwan otd19.iris.kwan@nv.touro.edu

TUGLMAA’s past events include:

  • Volunteering at Las Vegas Pride Festival and Pride PETS
  • Numerous events with the LGBTQ+ center of Southern Nevada including volunteering backstage at fundraisers ensuring the continuation of the amazing services The Center provides for the community.
  • Special guest speakers on topics such as fertility for transgender patients
  • Attending relevant medical conferences including GLMA and GenderFest
  • AIDS Walk Las Vegas
  • Socials
  • Marching in Last Vegas Pride Parade in white coats
  • Attending Pahrump Pride (in Pahrump, Nevada)
  • Bringing HIV testing (for the first time) to Touro’s annual health fair
  • Drag Bingo and Drag Bowling!!!
  • Educational lectures on interacting with LGBT patients and LGBT healthcare disparities
  • Tabling for World AIDS Day

2018-2019 School Year Inaugural, Amazing Ally & Leader Award recipient: Dr. Carrie Bedient

 Las Vegas Community & Resources:

 The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada

Top 10 Things to Discuss with Your Health Care Provider
(from the Gay & Lesbian Medical Association)

Other Websites
Asexual Visibility and Education Network
Bisexual Foundation
Bisexual Resource Center 
The Body: The Complete HIV/AIDS Resource — Prevention Issues for Gay Men
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Health Access Project 
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Health Web Pages 
Gay Lesbian International Therapist Search Engine 
Gay and Lesbian Medical Association
Gay Men’s Health Crisis
Gender Identity Research & Education Society (GIRES)
Health Information in Multiple Languages (MedLine Plus)
The Network/La Red
International Foundation for Gender Education 
Planned Parenthood LGBTQ… Health Information
Transgender Health Resources

Feel free to contact any of us with questions! 🙂