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WordPress How to Videos:

Please keep in mind that WordPress is continually updated with new features – some videos may show older versions of WordPress, but you should still be able to figure out the general idea of how to use the software with these videos.  Also, as a final point – Firefox is the preferred browser for editing in WordPress and many issues arise from using other browsers.


Video 1 – How to edit pages on wordpress (applies to all editors)

Video 2 – How to use the toolbar (applies to all editors)

Video 3 – How to upload a document and link to that document in your page all in one process (applies to all editors)

Video 4 – How to use the media library to upload documents and how to link to documents that are already in the media library (applies to all editors)

Video 5 & 6 – How to post new content to the blog and edit those posts (This function not being used at this time)


The steps below prevent people from having to go to a download page from your page in order to download documents.  It basically just makes it easier for visitors to the site to be able to download docs directly off your page:

1) If you have already watched the videos on how to upload media, nothing from those steps really changes.

2) After you upload media or when you are using the media browser, and after you have found the document you want to insert into the page as a link or download, click “Show” like the videos should have taught you.

3) Make any changes to the title you want (should have been explained in video).  This of course is an optional step as you don’t have to change anything if you don’t want to.

These are the new and very important steps to follow:

4) Look for a place where it says in bold: “Link URL”

5) Under this part there are three buttons (None, File URL, Post URL).

6) Click on “File URL” (you might not see any changes in the link and think that it’s not doing anything, but it does make a big difference)

7) Do the final step of clicking “Insert into Post”

8) Done!


If the videos were not helpful or you want more information, please visit the following site:



Please note that TUNCOM and the Touro NV OMSGA take no responsibility for content found at YouTube.  Videos are for informational purposes only; all and any issues should be directed to the video authors.  If a video is no longer working, please contact the technology director to have it replaced/removed.