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Lizi Klein
Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs
Hello, my name is Lizi Klein and I am your Vice President of Academic
Affairs. My primary role is to act as the DO20 and DO21 liaison between
the students and our faculty. I will be responsible for addressing
concerns related to post-exam questions, lecture content, special
events (i.e. mock anatomy practicals), class scheduling, and/or anything
else that comes up during the year that may concern the class and
faculty. An additional role I have, is setting up and managing the DO20
and DO21 Academic Sub-Committee, these are committees devoted to
addressing specific exam issues and student concerns following every
exam for each of the DO classes respectively. Above all, my goal is to be
here for you, should you have any personal questions, comments, or
concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. I would be happy to
answer them or refer you to a student or faculty member that could
help. I look forward to the great year we have ahead of us. Good Luck
with everything! ~ Lizi Klein